Potty Training

Today we started potty training.  I know CRAZY.  I tried a month ago, and we didn’t get far, but now he tells me when his diaper needs to be changed, so a few days ago, I showed him that we only had a few diapers left, and when they were gone it was time to be a “potty boy” and go potty in the potty seat.

Today we have been working on learning to take potty breaks.  I have a timer on my ipod we set it for 35 to 40 minutes, and when it sings it’s song, we stop and go potty, to be more accurate, we stop and sit on the potty seat.  We haven’t had any success yet, but I view success today by learning to take potty breaks.  Which, by nap time when we heard the alarm go off, he knew what it meant. . .not that he always liked it.  Yesterday we taught a little plastic frog how to use the potty. . . baby steps. 🙂

I’ve been enjoying a new DSLR. . .

it's summer and the living is fine!

it's summer and the living is fine!

can't wait to grow up and be like daddy!

can't wait to grow up and be like daddy!

Ah, the slide!

Ah, the slide!

summer evening with nana & papa

summer evening with nana & papa

Travel Tales with a Toddler

We took an airplane ride last week.

All went well until we got caught up in a summer lightening storm, which closed the Las Vegas airport, right around the time we were taking off. . delaying our flight in.  We thought that our connecting flight would be delayed too.  Imagine our suprise to find they had sent the plane off without us.  The airline did apologize, but said “they made us do it” (They being the airport, FAA. . who knows).  After several hours of gate hoping, trying to get on standby flights to other airports. . we FINALLY got on a later flight home.  We got the LAST TWO seats on the plane, right before it took off.  So we took what we could get.

Reid, on my lap, in the middle of seat, by two nice ladies WASN’T thinking it was fun to sit.  After we reached “crusing altitude” I demanded Todd switch seats (I had sat in the first row, with no tray table. . BIG deal to an 18 month old little guy!) Happily in our new seat, with a tray table all was well. . until Reid asked for water.  I pulled out his sippy cup with a straw, completely forgetting what I learned on the earlier fights that this cup gets pressurized in the airplane and squirts out water. . . before it had been minor, this time, with frazzled nerves, tired, cooped up boy the cup EXPLODED into a virtual fountain of water. . to my surprise, Reid’s surprise and the great surprise of the nice man trying to read a book next to us.

Reid starts crying from the blast of water in his face. .

I start apologizing profusely to the man who’s book is slightly damp. . .

It was a nightmare!  Reid though, being the friendly guy that he is wasn’t deterred at all, a few minutes later he sat back on my lap, turned to the big guy on the other side watching a movie and said, “Hi Buddy!”. . .

As the flight landed and everyone was getting off Reid (having got such a good reaction from his previous exploits of greeting people) waved and said “Bye Buddy” “Bye Buddy” “Bye Bye Buddy” to the whole airplane as they walked past him. . . . .

Turns out traveling with a toddle does have it’s moments of delight.

Mothers Day 2009

picture this. .. we deiced to go for a hike, and enjoy the amazing trails that are literally just out our back door.  Amy, Todd, Reid and Denali (the dog) off for a nice spring hike.  

I should tell you a bit about Denali.  She is a good dog, great spirit.  She is a bit, um, shall we say “high spirited on a leash”. . . she loves to run outside and she just can’t be bothered by a leash.  We set out from the house.  Todd had Reid on his back, and I was “walking” (I use the term loosely) Denali.  I was trying my very BEST Dog Whisper dog walking technique. . . “I  am the pack leader” “Calm Assertive Energy” I reminded myself. . . it just wasn’t working and before we got too far Denali and I needed a break from each other.  OH, I should tell you about the leash.  Since Denali is such a challenging dog to walk we have almost every variety of leash available.  Today I was using the red one, which clips around my waste, with a elastic leash that clips onto Denali’s leash.  The idea is my body weight helps keep the dog in control (yeah, right.

So when Denali and I reached our breaking point, Todd grabbed  a short section of leash and “walked” Denali with that.  She works better with him, and really better with a shorter leash.  Since we were going to let her off the leash she stayed clipped to me, while Todd managed her. . SO PICTURE WHAT OUR NEIGHBORS SAW. .  “Did you see that?  That man had his wife on a leash!”

Happy Mothers Day!!


(Oh, I should say, we really did have a great hike.  Once Denali was off the leash we were all much happier.  Reid got to throw rocks in the creek, and turns out he is quite the hiker!)


I started a garden this week.  I know almost nothing about gardens.

* Gardens grow in dirt.

* One needs seeds to plant in said dirt.

* Water is important.

That about captures what I know.  So, starting small, I mean REALLY small.  I have a 48×48 INCH garden plot in my back yard.  I figure since Reid and I are going to spend A LOT of time “outside” this summer, I might as well create a fun and pleasant yard for us to play in. 

SOO. . we turned over all the dirt, added some “Garden Soil-Good for Vegetables”, put up a small fence (to keep wandering little boys OUT), and planted a row of carrots, radishes, lettuce & beans, oh and I have a couple of pea plants, a tomato plant and two strawberry plants (the peas, tomato and strawberry are outside of my SMALL garden.)  

Since I have NO IDEA what I am doing, I thought I would just start.  Start small, and see what happens.  . . 


This is it!!

This is it!!


Reid with his "gardening" hat on!  Lots of good sun protection!

Reid with his "gardening" hat on! Lots of good sun protection!

Cows. . .

Pioneer Woman has nothing on me when it comes to cow pictures!!  This weekend we got to be a part of the Ranch Cattle branding event. . . It was a beautiful day (for us, not so sure the calves liked it as much. . . )