Let’s Get Started.

I’m always being asked “Are you writing”, especially now that I’m pregnant, “Are you keeping a journal?” I’m not. But I think now I’ll start, and what better way to do that, then on a Blog, it seems “everyone is doing it!”

We’re 10 weeks along. All my books say that the little one is about the size of a plum, and that it’s arms and legs are about the size of a 1. It’s elbows and knees work, and it’s heart has started beating. . and it’s kidney is working to. I’m not sure where the baby urine goes, but evidently it’s making some!

I think that I’m starting to turn some sort of corner, we have two weeks left in this first trimester, and everyone says there is a marked difference in the second trimester.. I can feel some of the nausea and the constant need to eat going away (sort of) and I even stayed up until 10 one night this week. . although I did sleep two hours the next day. . but really, I think I’m turning a corner. I feel like I’m in a little bit of a wierd stage, feeling better, but by looking at me you really can’t tell anything. . . all my jeans still fit. . . So have I just made this whole thing up? We have our first doctor’s appointmnt next Tuesday, so I guess we’ll know more then.

I’m tutoring some students in Ponoma on Tuesdays after school. It’s a real riot. (and I mean the literally and figuratively) There are a whole bunch of kids, I’m suppose to work with the older girls. There are kids of all ages, and who am I to send them away if they have homework that needs to get done. . .So we’ve been doing story problems. . . Diane takes whatever two numbers she sees first and ALWAYS adds them together. We’re starting to make progress, like READING the problem all the way through. I told her the first week, “Listen, you are letting the people who write story problems WIN when you don’t read the problem. You’re not the kind of girl who let’s other win like that.”. . Terysh is a junior and doing ALGEBRA. . . aiyiyiy. Last week they asked me how many kids I had. In their world everyone has lots of kids, so the fact I didn’t have any, I think they thought I was lying. When I said, “but I am going to have a baby. . ” It’s funny how kids eyes go STRAIGHT to your stomach. It was like, “Whatcha talking about?” The oldest girl when I said I was 10 weeks along knew EXACTLY what was going on with the baby. I was pretty impressed. She is talking childcare in school. . and really learning something. She wants to either be a peditrician or a 2nd grade teacher. 🙂 They said to me, “So do you like in a real big fancy house?”. . . I didn’t know what to say, because no, not really. But then again, I know where some of them live, and how many people live with them. We meet next door to a church, behind a home, and eveyweek there are more and more people spilling out of the house. . . I have no idea how many live there. . . so in all honesty. . . Yeah, I live in a real big house.

So. . . 10 weeks and counting!


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