An Open Apology to All Former Roomates

I use to be a morning person. One of those people who’s eyes popped open with the sun, and started talking about 3 seconds after that. (no coffee required). I have even been known to RUN three, four, five, six miles before 6:30 in the morning. Total 100% morning person.

That USE to be me, about 11 weeks ago, all that changed. It must be some cosmic “getting back” from all the dear women who’ve lived with me over the years, who weren’t quite so perky, and who put up with me anyway. . . To them. . most notably, Gina, Kristin and Emily. . . My humblest apologies. I didn’t know.

Take Saturday morning for example. My dear, sweet husband woke up, and TALKED to me. Like I care that he’s going to get up and make French Roast Coffee in his French Press. Is that needful information first thing in the morning?? Then, THEN, he asked me,

“do you need anything?”

I know there was nothing but love and good intentions behind those dear words. . but really, that early in the morning? Them’s fighting words. I was barely able to mumble through my foggy brain,

“Put in toast” (this whole ‘being with child’ requires much fuel, and immedietly in the morning) To which he replied, (oh, so cleverly)
“Put toast in what?”
Must we delve into this amount of detail so early in the morning? Isnt’ it clear.


“oh, so you would like me to put a piece of bread in the toaster, to be toasted?!”. . .

The details, the converstaion, such dribble, so early! It was almost more than I could take. I couldn’t believe the nerve, the chipperness, the clear thought process. . so early. . When I did wake up. . . three hours later (Oh, I got out of bed soon after that, I had toast to eat!, but I didn’t wake up for hours aftewards) I realized, I use to be a morning person, I use to have converations, I use to talk, I use to bounce out of bed and annoy people with my chipperness and alertness. . . oh, sweet memories.

So, to each roommate who’s shared a room, a kitchen and home with me. . who’s had to stumble their way to the coffee machine, and try and talk with Amy before getting coffee. . . I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I FULLY understand, I’ll try and be much better, less chipper, less talkative, less “bouncy” first thing in the morning, it’s really uncalled for!


4 thoughts on “An Open Apology to All Former Roomates

  1. Thanks, Amy! Cute 🙂 I wasn’t all that bad, was I? If I remember right, I also started talking right away–though not as early, that’s for sure!
    “I bring good news–childbirth doesn’t hurt!”

  2. Hey, wait a minute… I remember you were “bouncy” even in high school when you lived with me the semester you worked for the Legislators….I think this might have started from YOUR birth!

    I love you, honey-bug!

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