Winds of Change. . .

It’s official. I’m really pregnant! We had our first Dr. appointment yesterday. Todd was such an amazing sport for going with me!

Impressions: There are lots of pregnant ladies in the waiting room. Now, I guess this is obvious, and to be expected.(no pun intended) I almost laughed out loud when we walked into the doctor’s office. I don’t know what I was expecting (again, no pun). . but man, there were lots of big bellies! We ended up waiting about three yes 3 hours to see the doctor. He had to leave after we’d been waiting for close to an hour to deliver a baby! I guess that’s probably to be expected at an OB/GYN. . again, all new to me! After what seemed like FOREVER we finally did get in, weighted, questioned, and again, told to wait. . . .

When the doctor finally did come in, and start our exam. . . well I won’t go into detail. . but Todd was a REAL sport. I was quite relieved when the doctor said, “Yep, your definitely pregnant.” I knew I wasn’t making the whole thing up. . but. . .

The best part was when we got to see the little one. Doctor did an ultra-sound, and we could clearly see the head, hands, feet, I’m sure I can even see the tiny nose! As we were watching. . so amazing. . the little one waved at us! REALLY. . I know, I know. . but it did, it’s little hands were moving around. I missed the heart beating because I was so focused on watching it’s little hands moving, waving and gesturing. . I think she might follow after me and talk with her hands!! 🙂 She. . or He. . . I’m convinced we’re having a boy because I’m eating all the time, not vomiting and I’ve lost 5 pounds. And on Grey’s Anatomy I heard that caring a boy takes 10% more energy/calories than girls. So clearly, with Grey’s Anatomy as my medical backup. . it has to be a boy. But then at the Doctor’s office, in my hours of reading, I came across a Chinese Horoscope/Calendar, which has been around for thousands of years, and they claim is 99% accurate, which states that someone who is 31 and conceives in February, WILL have a girl. I’ve got a Chinese Soul, and love all things Chinese. . . So now, I’m in a real bind. Good news is, one theory is completely correct! (or something like that) I’ll see if I’m smart enough to post a picture of our little one. Right now, I KNOW I’m not that smart.

When we finally left the office. . it was WAY past my dinner time. We stopped and got Chinese takeout. . . they only included one fortune cookie. . the fortune. . “THE COMING MONTHS SHALL BRING WINDS OF CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE”.

How appropriate!


One thought on “Winds of Change. . .

  1. At four months along, my fortune read “You have many great things in store for you” Please don’t tell a pregnant woman that there are “many” great things in store… just one will do! It was so fun to see the pictures of your little one!!

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