Sheltering Hope

A Note re: An Open Apology to Former Roomates

No, Kristin you weren’t the bad. None of my roomates ever have been. And I had TOTALLY forgotten about the morning you woke up and said, “I Bring Good News, Childbirth doesn’t hurt.”. . of course, given your expereince in this area, that prediction was totally right. . . right?? 🙂

Last week after our first dr. appointment and ultra sound, I came home and opened a devotional book from one of my favorite authors, (Macrina Wiederkehr). She is the most delightful, and insightful Catholic nun. I had put the book away several months ago, (my short attention span), but it was what I pulled out last week. I had left off at the section titled, “Standing on Tiptoe; The Season of HOPE”. . The first reading: Hoping in Darkness: Several thoughts to share. . one striking given the incidents of last Monday at Virginia Tech. . .

“Our vision is limited. We need so desperatly to learn how to hope more completely in all those little bits of life scattered through our days. We need to be so very careful lest we throw someone away because of our lack of hope in their potential, their possibility to be. We need to believe in that mystery within, even when the mystery seems so pale and small we can hardly call it by its true name, Life.”

Doen’t she have a way with words?? “careful lest we throw someone away because of OUR lack of hope in their potential.” I’ve thought so much about the people who live in the margins, that I don’t take the time to see. . people like the young shooter at Virginia Tech. . who lived in the margins. May I have eyes to see the margins.

Most readings include a poem. As I read her poetry, I understand the power of poetry.

“It is good to remember:
We do not give birth to ourselves.
We give birth to others
by believing in that first, small spark of life
the spark we barely see.

It is called hope.
It is immensely helpful
at birth.”

It was really striking to read the evening when I saw for the first time. . .our “small spark of life”. . It is called “hope”.

I was struck a couple of weeks ago by Psalms 139

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex. . ” (13-14)

It’s easy to think this expereince is “my” expereince (being nauseas, tired, growing belly). . but what I realized is God’s at work in my womb, it’s not really about me, it’s about God knitting “hope” together in my womb. (Or Sheltering Hope) I’m just the conduit. This Psalm isn’t about me. . . it’s about ‘giving birth to others”. It just struck me as so profound, and so eloquently reinforced by Macrina’s poetry.

Anyway. . deep thoughts.

Really, no matter where on your Journey to or away from God. . Macrina Wiederkehr’s books are amazing, and so profoundly beautiful. The book i’m savoring is: Season’s of Your Heart: Prayers and Reflections: Faith, Mystery, Love, Hope and Wonder.


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