Going Mint Green

We have Pergo flooring. . it’s nice. But requires mopping, lots, and lots of mopping. I discovered early in my relationship with the floor that the store bought stuff (at $5 a bottle by the way) really didn’t do a good job. In search of a better alternative, I discovered that White Vinegar and water (equal amounts) does a better job. . . and so much more economical! That got me thinking about “cleaner” cleaning alternatives. . Todd and I are going GREEN! We’re not going crazy or anything. . We focused on a couple different areas. . .
1)changing our light bulbs. . small change. . . we don’t even notice a difference. . . and good for energy consumption.
2) Reusable Grocery bags- THIS IS MY FAVORITE, I don’t know why I waited so long to start taking my own bags to the store. I can fit all my groceries into two canvas bags (usually I have 5-10 plastic bags), they are easier to carry, fit more, less waste (It takes a plastic bag up to 1000 years to decompose in a land fill, and something like 40 million trees are cut down each year for paper bags) And you usually get a 5-10 cent discount for each bag. We made a deal that we won’t buy any groceries if we don’t have a reusable bag.
3) Using our Own Cups at Starbucks. – Again, you get a .10 discount, and I have to say, I like using my own cup, and I feel good not throwing away a cup (or two) every time! (Again, we made a deal that we wouldn’t buy any coffee without our own cup, or we have to use the “stay” cups)
4) Using “Green” Cleaning Products. Hence, making my own water and vinegar floor cleaner. I look for products that don’t contain harsh chemicals, use recycled products etc. I’ve found that I like Method (great smelling, available at Target) Mrs. Meyers (good smelling, I like Method better), and Bon Aim is another earth friendly, proven product. I haven’t started looking at Laundry soap and dish soap yet, but when we finish what we have right now, that’s my next step. All this helps reduce toxins that get into the water supply. . good for our futures!
5) Being Intentionally about recycling. (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!)

All totally small things. . . more “mint green” than green. . but really easy and they actually make life a bit more convenient. . (Try your own bags. . really, once you get in the habit, you’ll never go back!)


One thought on “Going Mint Green

  1. I love it! We’ve been trying to head that direction as well. Living in other countries helps see how they think Green too. I think starting “mint green” and educating ourselves is a great step in the right direction. Yeah for your insight Amy and Todd!

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