Dazed and Confused

I’ve heard people talk about “Pregnancy Brain” . . . Today I understood what that meant! I was on my way out the door, except I needed my cell phone, I searched the house top to bottom three times. . finally I found my cell phone in the laundry room, on the dryer (don’t ask). Gave the dog a treat (the best way to get her out of the house), and I was off.. in my car, out of the garage, wait, do I have my cell phone, not in my purse, not on the seat. . back in the house, again full search of the house. . no cell phone, it MUST be in the car. . not in the car. . back into the house. . I CALL the cell phone, it starts ringing and it’s Todd’s special ring (ah, how sweet that he’s calling me. . . ) I find the phone, on the back of the toilet. . . (again, NO idea!). . . So I call Todd back to tell him how helpful his call was. . . only his phone was turned off because he was on a flight. That special Todd ring. . that was ME calling my own cell phone, from the house number, saved under Todd’s name. . . LOSING MY MIND.

In church a couple of weeks ago during the “social time” a gentleman we’d never met before turned around held out his hand and said, ‘Hi, my name is Rick.” To which I responded. “Hi I’m Rick”. . “I mean, I’m Amy, not Rick, Rick is your name.”. . Needless to say, I had the giggles all through church. (This didn’t alarm me, because i have been known to wear two different shoes to church. . . but that’s another story entirely)

I bought my first pair of maternity pants today. I still have a couple of pants that work, but the pair of jeans I was wearing today, even with the hair band through the loop and around the button, just wasn’t working for me. . so Old Navy, here I come. I was going to buy a pair of jeans a couple sizes too big, but then I thought. . just buy maternity pants. . . So I’m the owner of maternity pants. They are a bit big. . but they work, and I guess that leaves plenty of room to grow!

Baby Hoppock LOVED being in Idaho this past weekend, the sweet smelling spring air was really good for baby. I went for a walk on Saturday morning (on Varin Road). . I kept breathing deep and telling the baby, “This is what spring smells like, and THIS is what CLEAN, GOOD air smells like!) There is nothing as sweet as the smell of new alfalfa and just dried dirt. . it’s a symphony for the nose!

I’ve been reading the MOST facinating book. . it’s called Hypnobirthing. . about giving birth naturally. . . there was a chapter on the history of birthing. . . I’m not going to write about it today. . but stay tuned it was FACINATING!


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