Meeting Jesus. ..

So, I met Jesus today, in the Staples Parking lot. Apparently he lives under a bridge in Azusa. Who knew?

I was coming out of Staples and I noticed a stragling looking man in the parking lot, not thinking too much about him I went to my car, he sort of followed me, not really he was a safe distances off, and he stayed at a distance. . “Don’t worry mam, I was hungry and wondering if you had any food you could share with me.” I didn’t have anything in my car, and having spent some time around homeless during my adventures on Skid Row, I do have a soft place for helping people who are struggling. I gave him a dollar. (I know, you’re not suppose to give them money, but what is a women out by her self to do? I didn’t want to walk across the parking lot to Taco Bell with him and buy a meal.. . So I gave him a dollar) He said, “God Bless you, What’s your name? I told him Amy and he said, ‘I’m Jesus.” I said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Jesus.” To which he replied, “I’ve been called Jesus since I was 18. Thank you and God Bless you.” I got in my car and thought, “So, I met Jesus today.”

The bible talks about entertaining angles “unaware”. . when we least expect it, in the faces of people we least expect” And Jesus (of the bible)says, ‘What you do for the least of these, you do for me.” . . So maybe the Staples Jesus, while probably a bit crazy, wasn’t so crazy after all. . We are all made in the image of Jesus, so somewhere beneath the matted beard, dirty hands and greasy hair. . . Jesus (of the Bible) shines thought. I once read an author who said we should make a practice in every converation to “bow to the Christ within each person we meet” I think about that often, not in every converation, but often about how can I ‘bow, honor, reflect, see and treasure’ that which is sacred and the image of the holy in each person. It’s certainly easy with clean, sane, safe people, but it’s certainly not only for those I’m comfortable with, in fact it’s probably best lived out with those I’m least comfortable with.

I met Jesus today, he wasn’t what I expected. . . but I’m sure Jesus was there none-the-less.


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