Pants seem to be a problem these days.

My closet full of jeans, don’t fit as well as they use to. . . some don’t fit at all, others I can manage, but they aren’t too comfortable. But then, what to wear? Turns out the maternity pants I bought. . are great STANDING in a dessing room, but with much moving around. . well, let’s just say they fall off. I have a great pair of strech, rooming black pants, that have the really wide leg, so they almost look like a skirt, cute really. . but everyday??! I start to feel quite frumpy in them. And besides, they aren’t appropriate in all settings. . .I feel to “casual”.

Yesterday I couldn’t take it any more. . . I went to Target to find another pair of maternity pants, I hear that Liz Lange makes great products. But, how in the world do you buy materinity pants. . never having been through this before. . .they are sized 2,4,6,8 etc. . so do I buy the size I “was”/pre-maternity? What is a girl to do? I talked a couple of friends who have been this way before me. . and they said, buy which size you would have bought before. I did. They are better. . but still a bit too roomy for me right now. . .I wore them today, I still have to keep hitching up my britches!! Oh the tramas and dramas of my LIFE!!!

I saw the movie “Waitress” today. . it was fairly good. . . made me want to run right home and bake some sort of amazing pie. (the main character is a waitress who makes amazing pies). . that desire passed quickly! 🙂

Gina and I are in the last week of co-home ownership. . our house should, if all goes well close on Friday. . . it’s a bit bitter sweet. . It was such a great decision to buy the house, and I’m glad that we are able to sell it now, and that it’s been so smooth. . . I love that little place, I’ll be sorry to hand over my key on Sunday afternoon. . . . But such is life. . nothing lasts forever!


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