420 Gratitude

Yesterday at 4:49 Gina and I drove away from 420 N. Virginia for the last time. I would be lying to say I didn’t cry. The tears surprised me as I drove away. Gratitude was really the word of the day though. As Gina and I sat on the floor of the empty house and waited for the new owners to come we realized that we had owned the house for two weeks short of four and a half years. I’m not sure that either one of us thought we would have had the house for so long when we bought it. We bought it with “two years” on the brain.

I remember when we got the keys and walking through the completely empty house, tearing down wallpaper in each room. . and the prayers that were prayed on that first day. . . that it would be a place of happiness, that it would be a place where people were comfortable, a place of growth. . . and to again, stand in the empty rooms and reflect on all the memories that were in those rooms. . .So many prayers were answered!

I feel gratitude for my grandparents . . Nana & Bampy who set aside a small bit of money for education or a home soon after I was born. . . I think they would be proud of the house I was able to buy with it, and the return on investment as we sold it.

I feel gratitude for Gina who was brave enough to agree to a journey of “co-ownership”. . I’m not sure if we knew what that meant when we started. . but there is no one that I’d have wanted to walk through this journey with.

I feel gratitude for the amazing women who lived in the house. . . Kristin & Emily (while I was there. . still others in the year since I moved out.) There was so much laughter, tears, late night talks (which always seemed to happen on the kitchen floor. . I have no idea why!) There were first dates, blind dates, coming home after marriage proposals. . . Preparations for trips all over the world. . South Africa, South America, Asia, All points in the US, and the returns home. Coffee brewing the the morning, crackers and cheese for dinner, What Not to Wear, Friends and the Apprentice on TV. Dinner Parties, Movie Nights, Christmas Parties, Going-Away Parties and Birthday Parties. 420 was awfully good to a lot of single women as we worked our way through our 20 and early 30’s.

I feel gratitude for how it sold. . . We had it on the market for all of 8 days. Received just a bit under our asking price, and closed on the day set from the very beginning. Everything went as smooth as can be expected.

The new owners were SOOOO excited to move in, and that was all I asked, 420 HAD to go to people who just “loved the house” as much as we did. . . I know that like the house today. . and I pray that they will “love” the house in the years to come as they grow at 420.


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