Todd’s Dog

In the year since Todd and I got married, and I moved in with Todd and Denali, I’ve come to love Denali. She the sweetest dog. She loves it when I am home, she followes me everywhere I go, she’s usually only a few steps from me at any given time. We go for walks most mornings and she goes nuts when I walk up stairs to get my shoes, you’ve never seen a more joyful dog.

I’m over her.

Here’s what happened. Yesterday about 5:45 I had just gotten home from tutoring Jayma, Diana and Terysh in Ponoma. (which is another story). I was standing in the kitchen talking to Todd on the phone, when I hear Denali come in the house. . not unusual, we have a doggy door for her, only this time. . THIS TIME. . . she came in wagging her tail, as PROUD as can be, with a newly, DEAD, Rabbit in her mouth. I’m not one who reacts calmly to uninvited animals in my home, alive or dead. I start screaming, which make Denali even more excited to show me what she’s caught, so she comes closer, I run around the island to get away, she runs the other way. (Mind you, Todd is on the phone the whole time hearing me Screaming, jumping, Yelling “NO Denali, get outside, Stop it!”) Finally I was able to get to the door, while she was coming at me from around the other side of the table and get her to take the rabbit outside. I was so scared she was going to drop it on the floor in the house! AHHH Can you imagine? Good thing Todd was on his way home. I would have walked out of the front door and sat on the steps until he came home. . even if I would have had to sit out there all day.

I don’t do dead varmints on my floor.

Denali was so pleased with her self. Todd told me my reaction was ALL wrong. I crushed the poor dogs spirits, she just wanted to show me what she could do, I was “suppose” to praise her. WHATEVER.

I look at Denali different now. Gone are the days of innocence!

About Tutoring:

Jayma is probably in fourth grade. When I got there Diana (6th grader) was doing her division problems on Terysh’s cell phone. (The teacher in me couldn’t have that)
“Diana, what are you doing?”
“Jayma’s home work”
“How is that helping her?”
“I dunno know”
“What’s she going to do on a test?”

Finally she erased all the work and I made Jayma sit by me and LEARN it. She was just starting division. I taught her the chocolate chip cookie method of division. . you’ve hear of that, right?

“Okay Jayma. when is says 13/3. Really what we need to find out is how many hand fulls of three chocolate chips do we need to put into a whole chocolate chip cookie for a total of 13 chips.”

So we drew a cookie with 13 chips, then she circled groups of three. We found there were four groups of three, with 1 extra chip left over. 4 remainder 1.

It was meant as an example. She got it thought, and I saw the light bulb in hear head go off. She did five problems, no problem. The we went on to talk about how you figure out division from a more “mathematical” perspective. What was so exciting was to see a girl who really didn’t have a clue what she was doing, GET IT! I couldn’t have stopped her from finishing her division homework if I wanted to. That in and of it self was a minor miracle.

What strikes me when I go to tutor is what appears to me as a HUGE educational discrepancy. The little boys who are 4 and 8 can barely speak. They need a speech pathologist so bad, it’s painful to try and understand what these little guys are saying. The kids can mostly read, mostly and math. . forget about it. Education seems to be an added problem in their life, not a ticket to something better. I’m only dealing with a handful of kids in one neighborhood in Pomona, but if they are any sort of sample. . . Something needs to change.


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