The Doorbell

If you are coming to visit me, it’s best to call and let me know you are coming, because I might not answer the doorbell. It’s just that 99.9% of the time it’s someone trying to sell something, and well, we all know how that goes.

Last night Todd wasn’t home from work yet and the doorbell rang, with nothing better to do, I answered the door. It was two college age boys that were “interning” at a security company. Had I ever considered my very own alarm system? As politely as I could, while holding Denali back from running out the door I said, No, but thank you.

One of the boys said, “I noticed you have an Idaho Licence Plate in your garage.”

With ALL my Idaho pride, “I was born and raised in Idaho.” I said with a smile.

“I go to Boise State.”

We were friends instantly at that point. “Really that’s great” and before I could stop myself out came, “Wasn’t that the most amazing football game ever on New Years? I don’t even like football and I LOVED that game. . ” (Gushing)

He looks at me with a slight smile, “I’m on the football team, do you want to see my Fiesta Bowl Championship Ring?” He holds out his hand to show me the HUGEST ring I’ve ever seen. . sure enough, there it was. . . a Boise State Football Player, who played in arguably the best college football game EVER was standing on my doorstep in Chino Hills, California! (And I don’t even like football!) He took off the ring and let me HOLD it! I told him how proud Idaho (and displaced Idahoans everywhere) where proud of their Boise State team. I thought about telling him how my brother an avid Boise State non-fan even cheered them on, about Shirley who took a Boise State Fan plane to the game. . . but I decided he probably got the picture. . . No alarm system for him to sell, but he’d stumbled onto and awe-struck fan none-the-less. (which in the end probably mattered to him more than selling an alarm system)

I JUST LOVE random stories. . .I was delighted to know that I didn’t have to even leave my house. . it just came and rang my doorbell!


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