Eyes in Front

Today Todd and I took seperate cars to our ultra-sound to see Reid Jackson. We braved LA Morning Rush Hour traffic (a 35 minute drive becomes 75 minutes. . CRAZY). I was in the lane of traffic right next to Todd. At one point my lane started moving faster than his, only to stop, but I ended up right next to him, try as I might to catch his eye for the 15 seconds our cars were next to each other, his eyes were glued to the road ahead. It struck me that was a real metephor for how we (or maybe better stated I) live my life. I live my life with my eyes straight ahead. The only reason I happened to notice Todd right next to me this morning, is that I knew to look for him, but I didn’t see any of the drivers on my left side. I thought about how many times in the just the past week I’ve not really even seen people who were “on the side”. When the BSU Football player came to my house, I didn’t even really SEE the other guy. I thought about that later and felt bad, I’d given preferential treatment to the football player, not seeing the other guy, who has as much value and his story is probably just as interesting as the BSU Football player, but I missed out because I had my eyes straight ahead.
Todd and I went to a birthing information class on Monday. I talked to several of the women who were my age. . but the lady who was there by herself, the one who said, ‘I wasn’t suppose to be able to get pregnant, but here I am”. . . For some reason I didn’t really see her I realized after we’d left.
Living (and driving) in a fast paced place like LA survival demands that we DO keep our eyes straight ahead on the road in front. Our rules of the road demand that we stay in our lanes and the other guy stays in his lane. Those are the rules of the road here, but let me tell you in China, Vietnam and Kenya, countries I’ve been blessed to ride on roads in. . keeping your eyes to the road ahead is just half of your job, you’ve also got to see what’s happening on your left and your right. I appreciate our rules of the road, driving in the US (even in LA) is much less chaotic, but I guess the challenge is not to let the rules of the road become the standard for how I live my life. I want to do better about seeing those who are on the left and the right of me (Literally and figuratively), I can’t let the rules of the road become the rules of engagement in my life.

Todd and I got to our appointment a bit early and walked to the Starbucks down the street so Todd could have his second caffine fix of the morning. I was putting my wallet back in my purse when I realized I hadn’t really even SEEN the lady who had taken my order, brought Todd’s coffe and given my my change, I stopped, looked her in the eye and said, “Thank you so much, have a good day.” Seeing, no matter who or what direction requires my full attention. . .


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