Mint Green. . Part 2

A while back I wrote about our efforts to be “mint green”. Changing light bulbs, using re-useable bags at the story (TRY IT, YOU’LL LOVE IT!), using our own coffee mugs at coffee stops, recycling more, trying to buy more local produce etc. (produce from the farmers market really does last longer. . . and taste better) ANYWAY. . I discovered something quite cool today. . I was paying our electric bill today, and we cut our electric usage last month by 55-60% from last year. . . which translate to a bill this month which was less than HALF of what we paid last year at the same time. . . This we attribute to replacing several older appliances with Energy Star appliances (most new appliance are), particularly a 25-30 year old refrigerator. (and I have to believe that all the light-bulbs we’ve replaced are helping too. We also unplug many appliances when we aren’t using them. . like cell phone chargers, coffee pot, toaster. . . really the only thing I leave plugged in are the appliances (stove, washing machine etc.), TV (so TIVO works), and computers. . .I think the little things really do add up.

I’m starting my research on cloth diapers. . . the amount of waste that one little guy puts into the land-fills through diapers. . . amazing. . . plus the fact that it takes up to 500 years for diapers to decompose. . . Any tips on cloth diapers??

Really, it’s been FUN to see the little steps we can make that directly (like the electric bill) or indirectly like the number of plastic bags we’ve saved for someone else to use because of our reuse able bags. . . make some sort of small difference in the world. . . so change your light bulbs. . or get one cloth bag. . . it’s really fun to see what you can do!


One thought on “Mint Green. . Part 2

  1. Amy, my niece used a hybrid cloth/disposable that worked about as good as I have seen. Cloth is HARD and your baby will have more diaper rashes ~ I’ll ask Rayna what she used. D

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