Hobbies. . .

Forgive any typo’s first of all. . . I had some friends over for dinner last night, and in my zeal of cutting green onions for my Mango, Shrimp, Avacado Salad, I did a NUMBER on my Left pointer finger. . . (IE: I SLICED my finger.) All is okay. . actually turns out it’s not a bad way to get guests involved in last minute meal preparation. . . someone accused me of planning the whole thing to get out of the last minute details. . . (I could find better ways to get out of work, and besides I really don’t MIND doing all that stuff. . . ) Anyway. . finger will heal, Salad turned out better for all the creative genuis and chef’ing skills of my friends. . . and Spring Rolls are always a winner with guests. . .

A couple of weeks ago I had a mini-identiy crisis. . . I realized that I don’t have any “hobbies” (ie: crafts). I don’t scrapbook, or stamp, or make cards, or quilt, or cross-stich, collect stamps or laundry lint. NOTHING! What kind of childhood will Reid have without a mother who scapbooks? After a bit of panic and a trip to the bookstore craft magazine section to review ALL the craft magazines to see what my “craft” could be I had an epiphany. There is so much creativity in the world, and I’m sure I could find something wonderful to do, but I have a hobby. . it’s not so crafty, but it’s a hobby and I’m totally going to own it.

MY Hobby. . .what I do. . . I READ. I’m a book worm. I read books. . .I collect information, quotes, thoughts and that’s my “gift” to people. So Reid might not have every month of his life documented with pretty pictures and cool pages (I really appreciate people who can DO that), However, Reid will have a mommy who reads. . . In the past month I’ve read. .

Becoming Madam Mao (about the rise of Mao Xiadong’s wife in China),

The Last Chinese Chef (about the unique culinary culture that IS China),

Peony in Love (about a 16th century ‘maidien in China and a famous (real) Chinese Opera which was the first time in history that women’s writings were published and women become acknowledged as having intellectual capabilities),

Walking on Water (on Faith and Art by L’engle) about the connection between “secular and sacred in the “creative relm”),

Gifts from the Sea by Ann Morrow Lindberg (about the seasons of a womens life. . so great!).

The Distant Land of My Father (a fictional story about a girl who was born in China and grew up in So. Cal-wonderful story),

Empire Falls (a Pultize Prize winning book about a small town in Maine, GREAT character development, my favorite character was the senile old catholic priest who called everyone “Pecker head”).

I realized in my search for a craft that I would be ‘crafting’ because it was what I was suppose to do, not because it was a natural ‘outflow” of WHO I am. To be true to Amy, I needed to think about WHO I am. . and i realized that I am a reader. I read quickly (more quickly than most, I admit,) I LOVE to be transported to a different culture (looks like China’s on the brain these days for some reason!), I love to explore new ideas and learn and be challenged by other people’s best thinking on ANYTHING. I have lots of people in my life, who HUMOR me wonderfully by listening my my lastest learning, book report or ‘deep thought’. . I think that Reid will benefit from that too. . .(I hope so! I can’t wait to read to Reid (what a perfect name for my little boy!!! REID. . get it! đŸ™‚ (add that to the fact that the birthing center we are going to use is ABOVE a Barnes & Nobel!!!! Oh my!

Currently on my reading list:
* Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: A year in food life: about a family who vows to live only on what they can grow or buy locally for one year. FACINATING. . Although I have to be careful about reading these type of books. . . I tend to get swept away by the ‘social justice’ under-pinnings, and my innocent belieft that what one or two people really do make a difference. . . I fear I’ll soon find myself contemplating how to plant a garden in my back yard. . .

* Land of a Thousand Suns, by the same author of the Kite Runner. . . suppose to be a fabulous book.

* Secrets in the Dark, a Life in Sermons by Fredrick Buechner, a pastor who is one of the BEST writers. . I love his stuff.

In “owning” my hobby I learned how to order books from my local library. . often times the books I want to read I can’t find in my local library. . . Now I have ALL of San Bernadino County at my disposal. . . I just open my library account, put my books on hold, wait for a call from the library, and all the lastest books I want to read show up at the library. . I LOVE it when my tax dollars work so well!

Any good books I should read??


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