Gone, but not forgotten. . .

Several weeks ago the retired superintendent of the school district that I grew up in. (Camas County School District 121)wrote a letter to the editor in our small town paper. (The Camas Courier)my parents called me right away, read me the letter and said, “You have to write and keep this going a while longer.” (Apparently the letters to the editor in Camas County were getting entirely too serious. . (County Planning & Zoning Issues. .and, you know how THOSE discussion go!)

Mr. Stroud, if statistics are correct, feels he has got about four more years of life left. (Mind you he’s healthy)and he has a few unanswered questions in life, one being, “Who stole the KING Size Snickers Candy bars?” Mr. Stroud kept candy bars in his office and handed them out to students who were doing good things “or just hungry”. This particular theft of interest happened while I was a freshman in high school. (It WAS NOT ME, and I really have NO idea who did it, although I have a good guess, it has to be a senior. . I’m not about to name names, but I’d put my money of J.R. or J.D., not C.W. because I sat next to him in Spanish class forth period, when the “crime” in question happened). . you know how squirley the boys were in the class of 1990. . .) So I wrote an anonymous letter to the editor of the Camas Courier giving some clues, or “educated deductions” based on my experience in the school. I gave enough hints about my identity that pretty much anyone who knows me, or knew me back then, could figure out who was writing, but I figured it all adds to the fun.

My identity is no longer a secret, apparently a letter to the editor in the Camas County Courier (published today) began. . Dear Amy, Nice try, no Snickers for you. . .” (in essence)

It sort of cracks me up, that fifteen years after I graduated from high school, nine years after I moved away. . I can still engage in the small town banter. It’s sort of comforting to have roots in a place where the Superintendent of schools writes open letters to the editor, about events that happened eighteen years ago. Time moves at a different pace in small towns, and I’m thrilled to have roots in a place where time stands still.

As for the Senior Senator from Idaho. . that’s an entirely different story. I woke up this morning to Senator Craig’s voice on my So. Cal radio station. . . that’s a trippy feeling. . .


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