Becoming a "Dog Person"

Through my 20’s, if you asked, I’d say, “I’m not really an animal person”. Then I married Todd and Denali (A Brittany Spaniel) was part of the deal. I made my peace with Denali while we were dating (I had too, I found out later that my getting along, or NOT getting along with Denali was a “deal breaker” for Todd. . what stakes!) Over night I found myself living with a dog. Now, I can’t imagine my life without Denali. There is just something about a dog.

Early on in our marriage I started taking Denali for walks, it was an uneasy partnership, because that dog LOVES to walk, really, she’d rather run, and despite what Todd says, she’s REALLY bad on a leash. (Really, just picture Denali walking me, and you’ve got the picture)The thing is, I can hardly tell her “no” any more when it comes to walking. She gives me about an hour after we wake up, then she looks up at me, and walks around me, and then when I start to go upstairs she RUNS up the stairs, stops on the landing, gets down on her front to legs, pats the ground, wags her tail and begs me with her eyes. . . “Walk, Walk, Walk” On the mornings when I can’t go for a walk with her, I feel bad, and the morning I don’t feel like going for a walk. . I do, because I just don’t want to disappoint her. When I don’t walk with her, I feel like I’ve dissappointed her, and she mops around for a little bit. . it’s just horrible.

It’s from these walks that slowly she’s become “my dog”. She follows me everywhere I go, if I’m typing on the computer, she’s asleep at my feet, if I walk into the bedroom to get something, she’s there, if I go downstairs she follows. . . she’s always right beside me. . just watching me with adoring eyes. She watches when I make the bed, when I cook, when I talk on the phone, she LOVES to get the mail in the late afternoon, and when I go to bed, she’s right behind. Todd has started to get a little jealous, she use to follow him everywhere. . he’s been replaced, and he’s not so sure how he feels about that. . . She still loves him and all, but I walk her, I give her cold water (She prefers her water with a few ice cubes. . )I’m home with her and sometimes I give her treats (who am I kidding, I give her treats almost every time I leave the house)

There is something so peaceful about having a dog around. She’s totally quiet, but so attentive and alert to all that is happening, her needs are few: food, water a walk and an occasional belly rub. Sometimes she’ll be laying or sitting at the sliding glass door with her nose pressed up to the window just watching the world. . what a picture of peace. . She can sit still just watching outside for hours. . I wish I could sit with such calmness and peace. And she loves us so unconditionally, I can leave her outside all day in the heat while I’m gone, (That can’t be fun can it?) and still, when I get home she dances around and greets me like I’m her favorite being in the whole world.

Yep. . I’m a dog person.


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