Pillowcases, Dog Treats & Strangers

It finally happened, I’d heard stories about it, I’d read about, people have asked me about it, and last night it finally happened. Todd and I had made a quick stop at target to get a new pair of pillow cases (to match the sheets I’d bought that didn’t come with the pillow cases), and a dog treat for Denali (as long as we were there. . ) We were walking up to the counter when about of now where this lady stopped mid-stride, grabbed Todd’s arm, moved around him and stood in my face, “How far along are you?” It all happened so fast, I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening, I thought Todd has tripped the nice lady or something. . “Umm. . . I’m about 7 months. . . ” “Oh, and you are having a boy aren’t you, I can tell by the way you are carring him.” “Yes, yes we are having a boy” (my mind is still trying frantically to figure out who this person is, what sort of conversation we are having. . “Do you mind, can I touch your belly”. . “Um. . sure. . ” and she starts rubbing my belly. . “where’s he at, where’s the boy. . so sweet”. . (You should know, she was an older African American Lady and we were standing between the cleaning supplies and greeting cards in Target (so you have the full picture) She stopped rubbing my belly, Said with a large smile “Thanks so much, I can’t believe I just did that” and set off laughing down the aisle. Todd was in minor shock, “What was that, did that just happen?” and I was saying “I’ve heard that that happens, but It’s never happened to me. . . ”

In other Reid news. . .

At the last mid-wife appointment he was head down. . which is a good thing, he moved head down a bit earlier than normal, but that’s a good thing, we hope he stays that way. He’s quite a mover and a shaker. We got his crib and changing table/dresser this week, his room is painted and the furniture is together. . . so I guess we’re really having a baby! His room is dark blue (sort of a darkish wedgewoody type blue. . for those who know their blues) on two walls and the other two walls are a light, light, light blue. . it’s a really nice contrast. . (I think).

We’re taking our Hypnobirthing classes. . we have a nice lady who comes to our house every other week or so. . . So we’re learning how to deeply relax. I have to say, I think it’s working. I have a CD which is on my IPOD and when I can’t fall asleep at night I just pop in my Ipod with my relaxation cues. . and I’m always out like a light before the CD is finished (and it’s only 18 minutes). The idea is the more you can relax during labor and “turn labor over to my baby and my body”. . the easier time I’ll have. (I hope it works!)


One thought on “Pillowcases, Dog Treats & Strangers

  1. Your designer Auntie A thinks you did a FABULOUSSSS job on picking colors for little Reid’s very own first bedroom! GOOD JOB!! And, thanks for reminding me today I will be Great Auntie A! Does this mean I’m getting old?! Love u…smoochies…

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