Reid’s been home for one week! It’s crazy how fast time is going. Each day is getting easier as we learn his routines and he learns ours. We are figuring out how to get him to sleep without being held (I never thought about teaching a baby that! I thought they knew how to sleep in a crib. Our guy sure doesn’t, he’s happier snuggled in our arms. . but it’s really hard to get any good rest that way. . . as precious as it is!)

We’ve had lots of fun with him. The peeing on the wall and projectile poop when his diaper comes off. . . all that fun stuff!

My mom’s favorite story so far is this. . if you come to visit. . she’ll probably tell you about this. . (And she wasn’t even there to see it!)

Two nights ago Reid and I were enjoying the a “wake” time at about 3:00. I took him downstairs to sit in a bouncy chair that he loves so I could make some tea and even read a few pages of my book. (Three Cups of Tea-I highly recommend it!)

A few notes to help set the stage for this story. My recovery has been really, REALLY smooth. I am a huge believer in lots of walking, water and as much rest as possible. . really I think all the walking I did during the pregnancy has had a direct corraltion to my speedy recovery. The changes in my body are noticable daily. During the labor and delivery I was pumped FULL of IV’s which took a few days to get out of my system. . .lets just say that for a week or so my ankles were a dim and distant memory as I experimented with as Todd said “Club feet”. . So a couple of days ago I put on the same outfit I came home from the hospital in (which by the way I could BARELY get on at the hospital because my thighs were so HUGE. . NO FUN) and to my GREAT delight it was quite loose. . . . . So loose that in the middle of the night as I leaned over to put Reid into his bouncy chair. . my pants FELL OFF! Yep, there I stood at 3:00 in the living room with my drawers around my ankles! I was SO glad it was in the middle of the night with the whole family happily dreaming away!

We’ll try and be better about keeping this blog updated and I’m going to learn how to post pictures. . and you won’t want to miss any Reid pictures, he’s just so CUTE!


3 thoughts on “Pants.

  1. “…peeing on the walls…..” HEY, MOMMY, you need to use your PEE-PEE TEEPEES that Reids Great Auntie A gave him…that’s what they’re for! They aren’t party hats!


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