One Hour?

Last time I checked, one hour was sixty minutes. . I think it’s sort of a universal thing. I’ve noticed something though, with a baby, one hour can be the LONGEST segment of time or the shortest, but it’s rarely only 60 minutes.

Take sleep, lately I’ve been averaging one hour of sleep, every other hour for four or five hours every night. It’s the CRAZIEST thing, I can sleep for one hour, sixty minutes, and when a squeaky little baby wakes me up (he doesn’t really cry, he just starts “talking”) I’m always SHOCKED, truly blown away that it’s only been an hour since I laid him (and me) down. I think that God truly does provide a special dispensation for nursing mom’s, because it truly can be a restful one hour of sleep.

Reid thinks he needs to eat every two hours, the pediatrician encouraged me that big boys like Reid (who has already gained back, and then some of his birth weight, PLUS grown 3/4 of an inch!) should eat every three hours, I’ll produce more milk, it will grow his tummy and he may even sleep longer than two hours during the night! ONE hour, sixty minutes, when you are trying to entertain a crying (sometime screaming baby) that’s the LONGEST hour in the world. (We’ve never made it a full hour before I feed him, I just can’t bear it!)(Although as I write this post, we are speeding towards the three hour mark, and after a bit of fussing, he’s happily asleep in the baby bjorn on my chest. (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Baby Bjorn, a bonus for a big baby is they fit in the Baby Bjorn from the very start. . and he LOVES it too!)


Reid LOVES to eat, sometimes he gets so excited to eat that he starts sucking like there is no tomorrow on his little fist, on on my knuckle. The thing is, the “good stuff” can be just inches from his face, and he still would rather try and get milk from his fist, or my knuckle. . sometimes it takes a whole lot of effort to get him to raise his eyes a half an inch or less for the stuff that will REALLY satisfy him. I can’t help but think about how often God might be offering me the “Good Stuff” and my eyes are so focused on something that will NEVER satisfy, and God is saying (just like I say to Reid), “look up. . just stop this madness and look up, I’ve got the best for you RIGHT here!”

16 more minutes and we’ll have made it THREE hours!!


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