Things that make me laugh. . .

Yesterday I was on the Amazon website looking at Children’s books. The Amazon number one book for the year is: “Do unto Otters”. It’s a book that teaches kids manner, you know the golden rule (Do unto Otters, as you would have Otters do unto you.”. . Anyway, I love to read the reviews on Amazon (really, it’s a riot to read what people write. . . like this review I found on “Do unto Otters’ . . . So this is what someone wrote. . . .

. . . . “What I Dislike: Personally, I don’t like the illustrations. The characters remind me of Ren & Stimpy, but my kids like it. Also, there are two things that more conservative Christians might find offensive. First, on the page about “when to say ‘Excuse me.'”, two characters pass gas. (Both do say “Excuse me!”) Second, when Mr. Rabbit and one of the Otters share books, one of the titles is “Harry Otter.” The cover illustration is a clear reference to Harry Potter. Considering the target age group, I don’t think these minor details detract from the value of the book. . . . “

Are you kidding me? Passing Gas is offensive to conservative Christians? Whatever.

On the Reid front, all is well. He is passed the 10 pound mark. . .still amazing to me that we have such a big guy. We have officially outgrown the “newborn” outfits that we had. We’re solidly onto the 0-3 months, and he’s such a LONG guy. . who knows how long those will last. . he’s long and lean. . . so who knows what he’ll end up wearing. He’s not too picky, as long as he is warm and dry.

We love the hair dryer, it’s like the magic, “stop crying button.”. . . it’s so crazy, but when he’s really fussy and can’t seem to calm himself down, and we know he is dry and not hungry and burped. . . we turn on the hair dryer, and in under 30 seconds we can go from CRYING baby to comatose baby. . he gets all calm and starts to stare, eventually he’ll even fall asleep to the hum of the hair dry. . the vacum works for this too. Who knew?!


3 thoughts on “Things that make me laugh. . .

  1. um, speak for yourself… I find (others) passing gas EXTREMELY offensive… It goes against my religion. Hannah, however, has recently taken a great interest in gas. Maybe she would like that book…

  2. I just got a book for my pregnant friend called “Walter the Farting Dog.” Illustrations are interesting, but content is undeniably life changing.

  3. Interesting… my parents used the same trick to get me to sleep. Maybe I’ll invent something for babies like us. It will play white noise whenever a baby starts crying and then will notify the parents if the baby doesn’t stop. Sound good?

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