Cause & Effect

We had a baby (Reid).
Babies must ride in car seats.
Car Seat fits well in 4 Runner.
4-Runner had Sirus Radio.
Todd stops driving 4-Runner mostly.
Todd drive Honda.
Honda has XM (THIS IS GOING SOMEWHERE, Stay with me!)
Best XM Station: Oprah & Friend, XM154.
Todd listens to Oprah & Friends.
Todd learns about Peter Walsh.
Peter Walsh writes, ‘It’s All Too Much’ (How to oraginze your life.
Todd buys book.
We are ORGANIZING OUR LIFE. . .(Cause & Effect) and I do mean organizing! We spent the weekend in Palm Desert with Todd’s parents. He read almost the entire book, we talked about the concepts over dinner and the entire drive home yesterday. To date we’ve cleaned out eight bags of clothes, reorganized our entire closet. . because our closet wasn’t meeting the “vision we have for our life”. . . YIKES!! As I write this, Todd is systematically organing all of the CD’s in our house (and there are quite a LOT of these CD’s). And don’t be suprised if any gift you might recieve from us in the future is wrapped in brown paper with one of three different colored ribbon’s, (Black, white or Red)(Because this is what Peter suggests. . ) This organization frenzy is actually a really good thing, not that we live an “unorganized” or cluttered life, but it is nice to “lighten” the load. 🙂 Poor Reid, I hope he turns out okay. . he seemed not the least bit disturbed today by watching me sort through all my drawers. . . in fact I think he enjoyed it, or maybe it was the hanging on the wall that was so facinating. . .
So I hope your home, room, space matches the vision you have for your life in 2008. . and if it doesn’t. . .we know a really good book, or Todd can come share his new found knowledge with you. . he’s QUITE excited about all this!


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