Chicks Dig Me

“Chicks Dig Me”.. . Thanks “uncle” Mark!!

Reid is doing great. I hesitate to write this, because as soon as I do, something will change. . Reid the past TWO NIGHTS in a ROW has slept 4 1/2 hours at a time! This is a first, and it’s amazing how good (what turns out for me) 3 1/2 to 4 hours of uninterupped sleep can be! He is such a delight. I was telling Todd the other day, that as diffcult as nights are sometime, they truly are blessed times. . . Reid eats and then cuddles into my arms, sometimes it’s all I can do to lay him down, he is so peaceful in my arms, I hate to interupt his sleep. . . I’ve started having him sleep with me after his last feeding, which is usally around 4:30. When I don’t do that, he tends to wake up and fuss, but when he sleeps in my arms. . we can get anouther 2-3 hours of sleep, which makes for a pleased mommy. . and Reid, our little cuddle boy, seems to love the “in arms” time too. I was reading somewhere that, “You can’t spoil a baby by holding too much, which is good, because Reid gets held an awfully lot! But the main point of this article was, even if you hold a baby 12 hours a day, it’s still a 50% decrease from what they are used to, having spent 9 months listening to the heartbeat and voice of mommy up-close-and-personal. . .

I don’t know how many chicks really dig him, but THIS chick, totally digs him! 🙂


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