Our cloth diap(red) baby!!

We decieded before Reid was born that we didn’t want his mark on the earth to be thousands of pounds of diapers from his first years of life that will outlive him for 300-400 years (or so “they” estimate). He is leaving a disposable diaper mark, we do use them when we are “out and about” (carring around poopy diapers just isn’t my idea of fun at this point!)(and at nights we use disposable because he is so sensative to wet diapers, he was waking up because of his diaper, and we need all the sleep we (read AMY) can get!) Still a better part of each day, we use cloth, and we LOVE them. . really! Todd is in charge of washing the diapers, which he does every evening. We recently got some “AIO” (All-in-one) diapers, which are the greatest things. . . they are easy to wash, protect his little bottom from some of the wetness of cloth diapers, and are a bit easier to use. . no fancy folding etc. There is a whole WORLD of cloth diapering (mostly found on the internet. . . wool, hemp, cotton, organic cotton, AIO, chinese pre-fold, pro-wrap covers, diaper pails, wipes. .. it’s sort of amazing.)

In addition to cloth diapers, we use our own cotton wipes (why throw away disposable wipes, when we are doing loads of laundry anyway?) Wipes are the best part of the whole system. . one wipe always does the trick and really works SOOOOOO much better than the disposable wipes.. .

And I just wrote a whole lot more than anyone really wanted to know about diapers. . Sorry for that. . . and I’m told the best part is when we are done with diapers, I’ll have dusting rags for life (lucky me!)

peace and diapers!


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