MORE. . .Reid Pictures. . .

Someday when he sticks out his tongue, it won’t be so cute, but for now, it’s picture worthy!

Here we have Reid sporting a “cute friends” (6-9 Month) outfit, from the Smiths of Fairfield! (Thanks Smith family!) And he’s enjoying a “fishmobile” from the Frostensons of Fairfield. The other day I spotted him studing one fish that has an “O” expression, he was cooing at it and his mouth was in an “O” shape. . it was pretty cute.

Reid, just hanging around in his own, personalized “Reid” bag. . . we don’t really carry him around in the bag. . 🙂

Last night Todd said, ‘maybe we should put him in commericals”. . He wasn’t serious. (at least I hope not). . .


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