Things you can only do while they are young

Yesterday Reid and I went to a baby shower. . . a totally “Chick” event. . so I figured that Reid, being the token male, should wear his “Chicks dig me” shirt. It was a hit. . everyone (of course) loved him, and the shirt made for lots of fun chatter. (And I think Reid LOVED all the attention. . he “digs Chicks” 🙂

I have sort of gotten out of the habit of “wearing” Reid in our Baby Bjorn. Today, out of desperation, (he was having a little bit of a rough day). I put him in the Bjorn so I could make lunch. We’re getting back into the Bjorn habit. Making lunch was such a great event for us both. He is a very sensory little guy and he loved seeing all that I was doing, and just watching me open the fridge, close the fridge etc. Plus, I realized as I was slicing and apple and peeling an orange, what great opportunities to introduce him to smells. . . So I held the apple slice, orange slice, and even salami slice up to his nose and told him about each. (not that he’ll remember anything. . .but, he seemed to enjoy all of the experiences.) He experience so much more of the world when he’s “worn” rather than laying in his crib watching his fish (which he does love!), or bouncing in his chair watching his zebras (which he does love too!) But it seems to ME that might be a bit boring after a while, so we’re going to mix it up and bit and learn about the pantry, refrigerator and doing laundry! Right now as I type this, he’s still on me, only now, he sound asleep. . too many adventures for a little guy!

Mommy & Reid enjoying the Baby Bjorn!

Sometimes a guy just needs a little nap when it’s all said and done!


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