Giggles & Coos

Reid & Ned. . I really want Reid to Love Ned, because he’s so funny looking, (Ned, not Reid). He DOES love Ned, because of the big eyes. This morning he was cooing at Ned and grabbing for him.

Is it too unbelievable if I say that I was reading an article about savoring and learning from each moment, when I looked down (in an effort to seize and learn from this present moment), saw my sleeping son in the crook of my arm, smile and giggle (his first giggle, or what I think was a giggle). . . It was the most precious of moments. It must have been some funny dream, I’ve had my eyes and ears on him all day waiting for another giggle. . . so far nothing, but lots and lots of coos. He is so fun right now, Todd and I have “conversations” with him. . . he tells us lots of stories. . about what, we’re not sure, but he loves to coo.

Yesterday we got him a “Giddy Up and Go Gym”. . it’s a floor mat with toys that arch over his head. . he LOVES it. For some reason it got him all fired up to roll over on his own. He hasn’t done it yet, but it was so fun to watch him throw his arm over his head and lift up his legs and bottom in an effort to roll. . he gets about half way, and then doesn’t know what to do. Any day now, he’s going to get it figured out. He also was lifting his head and upper body up more during tummy time. What a joy!


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