A Good Dose of Vitamin D

A happy, smiley boy!

I heard recently that the population most prone to Vitamin D deficienceis are breast fed babies. One easy way to get Vitamin D is to be out in the sun (without suntan lotion) for as little as 10 minutes. Our bodies synthesis vitamin D. I know this because when I was in high school I did a presentation on skin cancer, and one of the judges asked me if I knew which vitamin we got from the sun, I didn’t know then, but after she told me, I’ve never forgotten. All that to say, we went for a walk today. So that Reid gets the vit. D that he needs, and it can’t hurt me either! It felt a little bit like a traveling circus, not that I’m exagerating or anything! Picture Amy with Reid in the Baby Bjorn and a wild and crazy Denali dragging us behind. . . It actually worked out pretty good. Denali isn’t the best dog on a leash, but we long ago learned to manage and Reid was great in the Bjorn, he took the whole thing in, he even figured out that if he turned his head the sun wouldn’t be in his eyes. Before when we’ve got out on short walks he’s gotten a bit fussy, today was just a peaceful fun walk. . . So we’ll probably go for more Vitamin D strolls soon!


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