HumanBeing vs. HumanDoing

I heard an interesting thought on the radio today. A mother called into Rabbi Shmuley and asked about her son’s overbooked schedule. He asked her if she was raising a human being or a human doing. I thought it was a pretty cleaver and powerful point to make. Am I a humanBEING or a humanDOING. . I’d so much rather be a BEING than a DOING. The Rabbi said that BEINGS know who they are and don’t derive their value from the doing, rather it’s from their being. . Being or Doing? It’s a question Todd and I will have to keep before us as we shephard our little boy.

Speaking of the boy. . he’s a bonifida thumb-sucker these days. . it’s been sort of fun to watch the process, since birth he’s sort of enjoyed his hand, over the past couple of weeks he’s become much more focused and intentional (I guess you could say) about sucking the side of his hand, then last week he figured out, wait, it’s a lot more fun if I suck my thumb. . Today he gagged himself a couple of times with his vigour and enthusaism about sucking that thumb. I figure a few more times of that and he’ll figure out that he needs to becareful!

He’s starting to move towards longer sleep cycles, last night being an exception. He only did about three hour stretches, (which was sort of disappointing since he had been doing 5-6) BUT it was sort of okay because I noticed that I wasn’t being awakened by crys, rather by GIGGLES. Yep, he was in his crib at 12 and 3 GIGGLING and having a jolly old time. . . The good thing is, he doesn’t mess around when it comes to nursing and he falls quickly back to sleep. .


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