2008 seems to be the year of “Clutter Busting” for the Hoppock Household. It wasn’t something we set out intentionally to engage in. Rather, it feels like it’s a lesson/journey, which has selected us. We’ve been rather systematically organizing each room in our home, using Peter Walsh as our guide (It’s all too Much: An easy plan for living a richer life with less stuff). It’s amazing how good and peaceful (for lack of a better word) it is to get rid of the excess that so quickly builds up in our lives. It does seem to add more space for just being when flat surfaces are clean, closets are organized and paper work is not in stacks and piles.
So apparently, that was STEP ONE.

I think we stumbled on STEP TWO yesterday, and I’m not sure where step two leads. . .
STEP TWO began yesterday when both Todd and I watched:

It’s about how we have a “linear” system in an ultimately finite system. (Watch the video, it will make you think, and all this will make more sense). The Story of Stuff really made us think about what we consume, and the impact that it does make in our world, whether we see or feel it immediately. The SOS sort of helps shed more light on the consumer driven society we live in. (Like the historic context for SPENDING as patriotic . . . after 9/11 we were told the best thing we could do was . . SHOP? That line of thinking for the US dates back to WWII. It’s being demonstrated right now as the government contemplates tax refunds, so that we’ll go SHOPPING. . ) We continue to ponder how to live responsible. Anyone have any thoughts about the Story of Stuff??

So anyway, I’ve got to go to the mall. . . (I really am going to the mall today, just to buy one plate to replace a plate that I broke last week.)


One thought on “STEP TWO

  1. hi. i just found your blog today. congrats! i find a true passion with reading the proverbs and religion related topics. good lucky with your new baby, it sounds like you’ll be a great mother. once again, congratulations.
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    thank you, it needs some help kicking off. =]

    good luck with all my prayers,

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