Favorites . .

I LOVE this Burt’s Bee lotions. . especially the “Mama Bee” Lotion for legs. . .the peppermint makes my legs “Buzz” for quite a long time. I’ve been trying to get products that don’t contian Parabens. . . (It will drive a person crazy trying to avoid them, these products are Paraben free (yipee).) The honey handcreme has a “honey smell”, that is quite nice!

I think Reid might be in the beginning stages of teething. . . He has started sleeping less at night. . drooling, drooling, drooling, a little runny nose. . not so interested in eating, sucking his hand like there is no tomorrow. . and much more general fussiness. A friend gave me a book of “Prayers for New Mothers”. .I looked up a prayer for “teething”. In the prayer that mama observed that “This is just one of many times in life when I can’t take away his pain. . I can rock him and hold him, but he’ll have to get through this himself.”

And so begins the “long good bye” of raising children. . .

I’ll love and cuddle you as much as I can Reid, I’ll distract you when you will be let me, but ultimatly this pain, discomfort it’s really for your own good. . bananas, avacados, chicken and chocolate chip cookie all require teeth.. .

Somehow my 3 1/2 month old doesn’t quite get it.. but I think someday he will.


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