Growing. . .

This is our little guy in a 9 month outfit. . it fits way too good on a 3 1/2 month old!

When my parents were here last week my dad gave me a book (it’s genetic!)by Eugene Peterson called, “Eat This Book: a conversation in the art of spiritual reading”. GREAT book! It’s quickly working it’s way up into one of my top. .let’s say 10 most influential books.

“What I mean to inisist upon is the spiritual writing- Spirit sourced writing- requires spiritual reading, a reading that honors words as holy, words as a basic mean of forming an intricate web of relationships between God and the human, between all thing visible and invisible.”

I’ve never really thought about different kinds of writing requiring different kinds of reading. I guess it does stand to reason, and I engage in different kinds of reading on a daily basis. . I scan through the LA Times, picking sentences and paragraphs here and there to get the “gist” of a story. I pick up my “Streams in the Desert” and read slowly and thoughtful, pausing to ponder and apply a spiritual truth or insight, My mind relaxes and enjoys my latest fiction (Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral), I pick up a highlighter (with post-it tabs) when reading “Eat this Book”. . And scanning blogs. . .So yeah, I do read different things differently. (By the way, that represents today) Peterson’s challenge for spiritual reading, namely reading the bible is (so far) that the bible is STORY and those stories are included for a reason, and we must apply THE story to our story. . otherwise we miss the whole point. That the story of one of us, is in some part (or whole) the story of all of us. (Fredrick Buecher writes on this concept as well) This “ah” is changing the way I read the bible. I’ve been reading from Peterson’s translation of the bible the Message. . and I can’t tell you how much I’ve gotten out of Numbers and Deuteronomy as I start to take up this view point, that the text is meant just as much for me today, as it was meant for the Isrealites “way back when”.

I loved the Streams in the Desert devotional today. .. (Joshua 1:3) “I give you every place you set your foot, as I have promised” The Isrealites didn’t really take God seriously with this promise, because they only went “half-way” into the promised land. (or a third of the way according to Steams in the Desert) They got what they came for, (the promised land) and didn’t keep going. . “They never possessed more than one-third of the land”.. . So the challenge. . To not stop, to not become comfortable and complaciant, but to take God seriously on the promises that he makes. . .

Something to think on while I fold diapers tonight. .


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