The Danger of Blogs

Lately I find myself almost obsessed with reading blogs. It’s totally addictive reading the thoughts, lives, belives etc. of random people out there in the world. One blog leads to another, it’s pretty crazy. (but totally fun, and man such a time “waster?”. . )

Anyway, so one blog (happy foody) (See my blog roll. . I’m even learning the lingo. . ) issued a 30 day “Green Smoothie Challenge”. . and being a sucker for, I don’t know, a challenge, I thought I’d give it a try.

What’s a green smoothie you ask? We’ll yesterday my “green” (although it seemed a bit brown to me, see the picture and judge for yourself) was 2 Kale leaves, 1 whole orange, a bit of water, a handful of frozen mango/pineapple and 2 handfuls of frozen blueberries. . (all organic of course!)(a note on the organic: I’ve started being really mindful of that as I am breastfeeding and most experts say that breastfeeding women should make as much of an effort towards organic as possible. . ) They (IE: the other bloggers and other “challegers” say that they have so much more energy, alertness and less sugar cravings. . .) I have to be honest and say, I topped of yesterday’s smoothing with a brownie. . so much for the sugar cravings!

As weird as they sound, they are actually pretty good. . the secret is adding sometype of greens to your traditional fruit smoothie (spinach, romaine lettuce, Kale are the most popular it seems). This whole thing is a hallmark of a “Raw Diet”,I have not interest in that, I just like bread way to much to go “raw”, but the smoothies are good, I know they are packed full of good vitamins and minerals (Kale is a good source of calcium. . important for the nursing woman) . . So I will continue with my green smoothies. I have learned you must really blend, blend, blend otherwise there might be a texture issues. I am generally not a texture issue girl, but I’ve had a couple that the texture really turned me off, but they (my fellow bloggers) say that if you blend the greens with water first, it works better.

Try one today, you might like them too (just shut your eyes because the color is sometimes a bit yucky, but taste is great!)


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