Something New. . (the verdict so far)

So, I just washed my face using the “OCM”. . .(See my previous post)

I used one part castor oil and three parts extra virgin olive oil (right off my kitchen shelf)

Advantages I see so far:
1) It’s like a mini-spa treatment before bed!! The oil is so luxerious on the skin. . I just had to take my time and massage my whole face and neck. It felt SOOOOO good. (I smoothed some on my lips, a great lip balm, and it totally took off the little bit of eye make up that I wear. . )
2) Then a warm/hot steamy wash cloth. . . heaven. . . and you have to “re-steam” it a couple of times to “cut” the oil. . H E A V E N. (I’m going to keep the OCM up, just for this. It’s a vacation in an instant!)
3) My skin feels great. . . not at all oily, just. . I don’t know, nourished, soft, balances. . . right.
4) No moisterizer needed. . . my skin right now feels perfect, clean, fed, and ready for bed!

We’ll see what happen while I sleep. . . maybe a huge breakout headed my way?!

Sweet Dreams.


One thought on “Something New. . (the verdict so far)

  1. Oh good! So glad you tried it. I agree – it’s such a weird feeling at first for your skin to not feel all tight and dry after you cleanse it. But it is so nourishing! And very much like a little spa treatment.

    YAY for giving it a try!

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