A future contemplative??

I’ve been “contemplating” Contemplation. It all started with this GREAT book my dad gave me called, “Eat This Book” By Eugene Peterson. (Eugene Peterson did the translation of the bible called The Message). It’s about the practice of Lectio divina which is divine reading, or the practice of reading the bible, (or anything really) in a slow, thoughtful, intentional, contemplative way.

“Contemplation means living what we read, not wasting any of it or hoarding any of it, but using it up in living. . .” (Eugene Peterson)

The practice of lectio is about finding the holy in the ordinary. Seeing God’s fingerprints displayed throughout our days.

“Lectio divina comprises four elements: lectio (we read the text), meditation (we meditate the text), oratio (we pray the text), and contemplatio (we live the text). . . Lectio divina is a way of reading that become a way of living” (and with that it’s clear WHY I love lectio so much. It spills over into everything I read: reading, thinking, praying and LIVING.)

“Contemplatives fly off the handle, make bad judgments, speak out mistakenly and regret their words, run stoplights and get speeding tickets. Contemplatives get depressed, get confused, get fat, get lost, and sometimes don’t get it at all.” (whew, because this seems to describe someone I know. . (me). . so I feel that there is hope yet that I might just might learn. .

So. . Fiat mihi . . “Let it be to me according to thy Word”


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