My New Favorite. . .

. . .craft project! I have a great appreciation for people who are all crafty and make cool scrapbooks, note cards, quilts. . all that cool stuff. I wish I were that talented. . or maybe it’s not a question of talent, as much as patience. My attention span when it comes to that stuff is about 10 minutes. If I can start and finish something in about 10 minutes, I’m good. Beyond that, well, let’s just say there are a lot of ‘good intentions’. (which have all been purge in our recent ‘decluttering frenzy’) So I was thrilled to come up with my own little 10 minute craft project this week!

Someone recently gave me a hand-crafted journal (one of those black & white composition notebooks, with a personalized cover). This week I was putting together a couple of gift baskets and wanted to include something similar. At Micheal’s I found the COOLEST product. I thought I would get some craft paper and cut out the paper to fit the notebook and be good to go (MIND YOU. . this was probably a stretch for me, because in addition to having a short attention span, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to details, so I probably would have cut the wrong size paper. . . or who knows what?!)I was THRILLED to find that they now have cute patterned “packing tape”. . . YES. . they sell this tape in the scrapbook section with three or four coordinating tapes, of varing widths in a package.

The results (drum roll please). . . . .

. . . personalized journals. I might become their best customer for this stuff. Someone after my own heart thought of that! Brilliant!

Happy taping. . .


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