Crazy. . .

Last week a friend sent me a link to a “mama-support-group-web-site-thing”. . .Since I was asked to join, I did. (It’s only good manners).

I realized after only two days it makes me crazy. Moms post questions, and then every other mom can post a response. I noticed right away several things. .

1) EVERYONE is an expert in cyberspace.
2) How MY child does anything. . MUST be the RIGHT way.
3) Parents of newborns talk way too much about SLEEP.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest. . here is what I have come to understand as rock MY sweet-angle-boy to sleep. .

1) Everyone IS an expert. . ON THEIR CHILD. Every child is a unique, one-of-a-kind, break-the-mold-when-done individual.
2) How each child does anything. . IS the RIGHT WAY for that child. There are for sure transferable lessons between children, BUT that whole “unique individual thing” is back again. . 🙂
3) I get this, I really get this, when you aren’t getting a full night sleep. . it is an easy thing to talk about. I’m not sure that it’s really helpful to compare children’s sleeping habits too much. . again, each child has their own rhythms.

I am swearing off that particular message board, I realized that it was subtly causing me to doubt decisions that I’ve made for my family, that have been working for us. I found myself getting worked up and second guessing things that just last week hadn’t bothered me a bit. I love advice, but I think I’m finding it’s much more helpful and meaningful from someone who knows me, and my little-sweetie-pie-pants than from some anonymous person in cyberspace.



2 thoughts on “Crazy. . .

  1. Hi Amy!
    I couldn’t agree more. I have 3 little girls from the same gene pool and they are ALL SO DIFFERENT! Not to mention that what worked for one didn’t for another. Case-in-point: Lydia loved the front pack and REFUSED to ride in a stroller. Maille hated the front pack,but lived the first 6 moths in a sling. Then I had to throw away the dilapidated stroller on Maille’s 5th birthday with exclamations of “What a BIG girl she was!” Gretchen has disliked the front pack, stroller, AND sling. It wasn’t until I found the Ergo that she has been a happy camper. That was something we had to figure out all on our own the hard way with each of them. =) Glad you are figuring out you and your own…your way! Trust your God given ability to raise your child…that’s why He gave you the one He did. Oh and don’t worry the next one will be TOTALLY different. That can be both a challenge and a blessing! Wish you were closer. It would be great to get to know Reid and you as a mommy!

  2. I totally, totally, TOTALLY understand AND agree. Could not agree more. There are some message boards I like to read to gather information (like the forums at Mothering Dot Commune for example) but most of the others just drive me nutso.

    You are right on target here, mama!

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