For the Love of Dye. .

A few weeks ago, I’m not quite sure how it hit, I decided that the perfect “hobby” for me would be to TIE-DYE. (A craft that requires no precision, just wad up a shirt and dip it in dye!) I’m not quite sure why, or where this idea hit, but none-the-less I became a woman on a mission as I looked up information on-line about tie-dye. I found a complete “mini-tie-dye” kit to order, and I was off. I thought that onesie (just the right size for Reid) would be a good project to get me started.

It took a couple of weeks from getting the kit, to finding the perfect tie-dying day. In the mean time I explained my new hobby with glee to several friends. One dear friend, who has been around along enough to experience my, lets say, “misguided exuberance” one-too many times was a bit leery of my plan. His response (in not so many words was. . “WHAT makes you think that YOU and PERMANT DYE is a good idea?) I explained with great confidence that “of course I know better than to do this in the house, I thought the patio would be a perfect place.” . . He explained that Todd probably would NOT like tie-dyed cement. . (Good point) and made me promise on my life that this project would take place on the grass.

Sunday, (on the grass) I tie-dyed my little heart out. . well five onesies at least! As I explained to Todd why I was going to be outside for a bit, he said something I thought so strange. . .
“Have you washed all my white T-shirts. . could you do that before you start?”
A bit confused I said, “Why?”. . my DEAR husband said, “I like my T-shirts white”
I carefully explained to him that my tie-dyeing would have no effect on his t-shirts.
And THEN under his breath I heard something like. . . “Can I get that in writing?”


Alas. . The onesies are tie-dyed. The Cement is still cement. And ALL Todd’s T-shirts are white. (Who get’s the last laugh now??)

“Does the light blue tint make me look fat?”


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