So many firsts. . .

FIRST FOOD. . . Banana’s. . . Not so much. We liked the bowl more.

FIRST BALL. . .It’s harder than you might think to find a ball for a little guy. This is a bit big. . but delights him all the same. When I brought it home yesterday he was giggling as we played with it. (and yes. . he got it up over his body like that on his own.)

FIRST BED HEAD. .. We’ve got enough hair for “bed head”. . or “nap head”

FIRST AVOCADO. . . If you can believe it, he liked this SO much more than the Banana’s. He’s a guacamole guy!


One thought on “So many firsts. . .

  1. Their little tastes and preferences are so funny, aren’t they? Dacey LOVED avocadoes, AJ – not so much. But AJ LOVES bananas! Even their little taste buds are unique to them.

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