Crazy . . . (again)

Our journey to a better night sleep is (knock on wood, cross your fingers, and all that) going well. Most nights we only wake up one time, and when he’s sleeping close to 12 hours a night, I give him a “free pass” for one feeding in the night. He’s got a little tummy, it only makes sense!

I realized a couple of days ago that I have got to CHILL. In my zeal to “help” Reid take more naps during the day, I’ve realized I’ve got some serious control issues! It first came to light a few days ago when I wasted an ENTIRE afternoon (and I do mean ENTIRE) trying to tell Reid that “you need a nap”. He wasn’t buying. It resulted in a frustrated little boy, and an even more frustrated mom. When I reflected upon the wasted afternoon later I realized, I needed a nap, so I was trying to force him to nap, and he was just not having it! A valuable lesson learned: 1) He slept just fine that night, even without the nap that I was so “sure” that he “needed. I had convinced myself that only with great daytime naps does he sleep at night. 2) I need to be aware of my needs versus his needs, and differentiate the two. The reality is that I probably could have gotten the rest that I needed by even just sitting down for 15 or 20 minutes to read a book. He would have been fine playing. . . and I would have been saner by the end of the day, and he would have been happier, I less tierd. . .

To avoid (or try and avoid) this scenario in the future when I think that the little one needs a nap I look at my watch and decide how long we are going to try and “make the nap” happen. I can peacefully settle into “nap” mode and know, if he falls asleep in 15 minutes, great! If he’s not asleep. We’ll play and wait for the next “nap window” to open.

It’s working well. They say little ones are sensitive to our “energy” and I think it’s true. When I’m calm and peaceful, he’s more calm and peaceful. We’ve had much better naps since I’ve institute the “Chill Out Amy” policy.

I find it funny, as I surrender my need for “control”. . it all seems to work out so much better. . . . hmmmm


One thought on “Crazy . . . (again)

  1. Oh BOY did I have to learn that lesson over and over with Dacey – and I am STILL learning it with AJ. There’s nothing like some nap resistance to open my eyes to how much I am still trying to control my babies and our schedules. *sigh* You are not alone in this!

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