It Works for Me!

I’ve noticed in all my blog reading some patterns, one is “Works for Me Wednesday”. . not to be confused with “Wordless Wednesday”. . anyway, today as I was filing my bills I thought, “This so works for me”. . and it hit me!! I have a “Works for Me Wednesday”

I heard this on the Radio, about a year ago. . it’s really helped me get a *TINY* bit more organized. Are you ready for this. . HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS!!

I use a 12 month pocket folder to file my bills. Here’s how it works. Every bill that I pay in May (2008), I simply slide into the May pocket. Next year, when I come back to May, I take out the 2008 bills, shread them and then I’ll put the May 2009 bills in. The theory is that if you haven’t needed a bill in one years time, then you will never need it. It’s a little thing, that really has helped me conquer out of control paper! Also. . BILL PAY ONLINE! It’s the best. I’ve heard that it saves you up to 2 hours every month. . plus stamps, envelopes, checks. . . SOOO great!

* okay, lest you think I’m THAT organized, the file folders are part of a system that Todd and I purchased earlier this year. . . it’s another great thing, that took some time to do, but we LOVE it! Check it out:


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