100th POST!!!

100 Things about Me.

This, my friends, is my 100th post. It seems a right-of-passage of sorts in blog-land to do a “100 Things About Me” list at #100. So idulge me if you will, and for anyone besides my mom who reads all 100. . Thank you!

1. I am the oldest child in my family. (one younger brother, who is a pretty all around outstanding guy)
2. I grew up in RURAL (and I do mean RURAL) Idaho.
3. There were 13 students in my graduating class (a public school)
4. I love to down hill ski. (although I haven’t been in a couple of years. )
5. My brother and I one time went “Back Country Skiing” in the mountains behind our hometown. (SOOOOO FUN!)
6. I hated athletics in high school.
7. I was the manager of the girls basket ball team
8. One time they didn’t have enough players, and I had to play.
9. I stole the ball and got under the basket and fell down. . . .
10. BUT I did train for and run a marathon in 2001! (26.2 miles baby!)
11. Sometimes I think I might run another one some day
12. Now I love to walk for my exercise.
13. I also enjoy Yoga
14. I once took the night train to Mombaza (Kenya)
15. I have taken a safari on the Masi Mara (Kenya)
16. I have snorkeled off the coast of Phuket (Thailand)
17. I have snorkeled in Jamaica
18. I have climbed Tai Shan (one of the five “holy” mountains in China)
19. I have seen water puppets in Hanoi (Vietnam)
20. I have had tea at the Peninsula Hotel. (Hong Kong)
21. I have ridden an elephant over a mountain (Thailand)
22. I love to travel and see new places.
23. I once played the bag pipes (very badly, it’s quite hard)
24. I can knit.
25. I hate moths.
26. I LOVE to read.
27. I have an MA in Organizational Leadership.
28. Every house I’ve lived in the past 5 years (2) have had a significant number of walls pained “Light Cocoa” from the Martha Stewart line of paint.
29. I’d rather been in a room with painted walls than white.
30. I Love fruit. Especially apples. I think the old adage “an apple a day. . .” is true.
31. I prefer chocolate soy milk in my coffee.
32. I have one cup of coffee every morning.
33. I can do my best work in Starbucks.
34. I wrote most of my MA Applied Thesis in Starbucks.
35. I spent a weekend by my self in the heart of Amish Country (Illinois)
36. I once sang “This little Light of Mine” at a Jazz Breakfast in Chicago. (I can’t really sing, but I’ve got personality!)
37. My first stay in the hospital was when I had Reid.
38. Which was a surprise since we planned to have him in a birth center with a midwife. . .
39. I worked on Skid Row in LA for one year.
40. I love Friends (the TV show)
41. My favorite Friends episode is the one where Ross wears leather pants.
42. I lived in Qingdao, Shandong, China for one year.
43. I’ve eaten silk worms
44. I belong to a book club.
45. I LOVE inner-library loan.
46. I try and eat as many organic foods as possible.
47. Lilacs are my favorite flowers.
48. I carried Lilacs for my wedding.
49. 45 people came to our wedding
50. which was two years ago this week
51. Todd and I met on a blind date
52. I once told a friend I would “never meet my husband on a blind date”
53. My eye doctor who was also Todd’s best friend set us up.
54. A friend and I (years before I met Todd) use to talk about our imaginary husbands, named Todd and Brian (we picked those names out of the phone book. . . )
55. I love the movie Steel Magnolias
56. I have too many favorite books to count . . .
57. I’ve had 10 roommates (college through getting married).
58. I love documentaries.
59. Grizzle Man is one of my favorites. . .
60. I have given gift bags to women who work in a dominatrix club and strip clubs around LA (a Christian ministry called “Treasures”)
61. I hate stroganoff
62. I was on the game show “Supermarket Sweep” with my friend Kristin.
63. We came in second. 
64. I love to read “The Message Bible”
65. I read the LA Times almost every day
66. I can play the piano.
67. I can’t speak any Spanish (even though I did take two years in school)
68. I like to write
69. I love “My Utmost For His Highest” daily devotional
70. I’m not a big fan of James Dobson
71. Some people don’t like to go to movies with me because I tend to scream (loud) if I get scared or startled. .
72. The worst scare I every had was when Mark and Forrest pounded on Kristin and I’s window after seeing Signs. . .
73. which was made worst because Gina came home unannounced, I hit under my covers and SCREAMED. .
74. I would like to jump out of an airplane someday.
75. I am reading about how to start composting. .
76. I am a little scared to start, because it could be a BIG, SMELLY mess.
77. A new mall is opening on Friday 1 mile from our home. . part of me things’ “ugh” but I can’t wait to walk to Barnes and Noble with Reid.
78. I worked on a state Senate campaign in Idaho
79. I was a page in the Idaho state Senate
80. I like to make my own cards
81. I think I could learn to draw or paint if I took lessons
82. I love to laugh
83. Todd makes me laugh a lot! (as does Reid!)
84. I love to listen to people who are good story tellers
85. My mentor’s mentor, mentor, mentor was Sigmund Freud
86. I love the book of Philippians in the bible.
87. I love Anne of Green Gables (the books more than the movie!)
88. I wear too much black
89. It’s taken me three days to get this far
90. and it’s been much harder than I thought it would be.
91. I love Fredrick Buechner’s writing
92. I watch way too much reality tv (Top Chef, Project Runway, American Idol. . . )
93. I feel blessed with really wise and strong parents
94. and wonderful friends who bring joy and delight to my life
95. I love having people over for dinner (or anytime)
96. we have an overstuffed red chair in our living room, and I love it!
97. the pastor of our new church thinks I am “liberal”. . which I LOVE and take as a HUGE compliment.
98. I can spend way too much time on the computer
99. I love to talk about strength (Strengsfinder from Gallup
100. My hats off to anyone who read this far!!! Thank for your time and attention!


4 thoughts on “100th POST!!!

  1. Okay, you are officially one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. WOW – lots of traveling! What’s the story on that?

    I LOVE the liberal compliment. Love it!

    I also love Friends, Anne, Utmost, Phillipians, documentaries, Magnolias, and reading. 🙂

    Have you ever shared Reid’s birth story on here?

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Amy I loved this, especially the screaming at movies. I still remember watching Hand that Rocks the Cradle with you in the dorm room. You were definitely my favorite person to go to the movies with!

  3. Wow Amy! I can’t believe I never got to experience you screaming at the movies. I do that too and Brian loves to feed into it. He makes me jump at movies even when they are NOT scary! I especially LOVE the liberal comment. I get that too around our church friends and I take it as a compliment as well. That will be interesting when we move to Utah! It was fun catching up the other day.

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