Compost Happens

I did it. I started my compost bin. One week down, no smelly mess to speak of, no fly infestation. All is well.

It’s been fun to figure out what goes in the compost bin, what doesn’t and how to make it all work. It’s an art, not a science. . well, maybe better stated, it’s science and art.

There is something almost spiritual about this composting experience. A death and rebirth, in a very real way. Used coffee grounds,
mushy apples,
left-over salad,
used tissue,
freezer-burned peas,
and crushed egg shells from yesterday’s egg salad sandwich. . .

. . the “yuck”. The dead, the useless, which last week was bound for the garbage because its usefulness was gone, has suddenly become filled with the possibilities of life, of reuses, of purpose.

As I go through my day everything has the potential of being saved for the daily trip to the compost bin. (Dryer lint! Paper Towels! The dust and dog hair from my vacuum canister. . ).all get swallowed into the layers of compost with the hope and expectation of “black gold” that will nourish our roses, feed future tomatoes, lettuce and pepper plants, and help “green” our lawn.

Our home is becoming it’s own mini Ecosystem.

Following the lead of a friend of a friend I purchased a $15 Fifteen Gallon garbage can from Lowe’s and some dirt. I do need to put some air holes into the sides of the can. We haven’t done that yet. Todd wants to know exactly WHERE each hole should be, I say. . ‘anywhere’. . (This reveals much about our personalities). I keep a small Rubbermaid container next to my sink, where I collect all my composting material. Like I said above, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper towels, egg shells *(crushed), apple cores, dryer link, used tissues (Reid has a cold). . . In it all goes. They say it’s 25 parts “green” (kitchen waste) with 75 parts “brown” (dirt, dry leaves, shredded newspaper). It’s a mix of carbon and nitrogen. We’ll see as the days get warmer, how my percentages are working out. What I have been doing is putting in my “green” and then putting in a couple of large handfuls of dirt, yesterday I put in two torn up sections of the LA Times. Today I’ll “mix” it. (Using a rake to mix up all the layers.)

It really feels good to take what appears to be “garbage” and “waste” and give it a new life.

Start composting people!!!! 🙂


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