A Soap Box. . .

Excuse me while I crawl up on my soapbox.

Okay, now that I’m here. This blog entry may shock or scandalize a few of my dear heart and gentle people readers, other’s may say, “No kidding”, and yet others may think, “so why is this a big deal?”

This isn’t a soapbox I’m just climbing on to climb on, I’ve actually been thinking and talking with people about this for weeks.

Here goes. . . .

Tomorrow marks a historic day in California. Same-Sex marriages will become legal in our Golden State. Those who are against this development (and there are many) argue that this is a “threat” to families and the institution of marriage. I for the life of me really cannot in any way, shape, or form understand how my family will be threatened by this.

It seems to me that, NOT allowing people who love each other to marry is MORE of a threat to marriage than allowing people who love each other and desire to nurture that love and commitment to marry. If we allow the state to “pick and choose” which lovers are allowed to marry isn’t that more of a long term threat than allowing love to be the basis for marriage, regardless of the gender of those desiring marriage?

Then I hear those (particularly in the Conservative Christian world. . . ) say that “We must fight for families and fight against things in our society which are threatening families.” (That’s almost a direct quote from a pretty well known Christian leader I heard on the radio last week) I say, “Amen”. . .
Let’s address the economic inequality that exist in our world, that’s a threat to my family.
Let’s get to work on finding alternative form of energy and move (quickly) away from our dependence on oil, because the rising cost of gas is negatively affecting my family (and every family) daily.
Let’s find ways to address poverty, educational budget cuts, rising food cost, our broken health-care system. . these ALL are threats to my family daily.

Tomorrow when same-sex couples get married, that won’t threaten any part of my family life. I just can’t help but wonder if we’re spending our time and energy barking up the wrong tree?

Okay, I’ll step off my soap box now. I’ve got to go stir my compost pile! 


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