Catching up. .

ON COMPOST: My compost is working out great!  It’s starting to get the “black-gold” consistency that I read about.  It hasn’t started to smell (other than a slightly “sour dough” smell). The flies have not over-taken it.  It’s really turned out to be one of those things that’s really easy, fun and great for our world!  I read recently that compostable items that end up in landfills often times don’t break down because the landfill is packed so tight.  So, it’s possible to find a 50 year old corn cob in a land-fill, but it’s back to the earth in a matter of months when you take the time to compost it at home! I have stopped adding soil when I add my household compost collection.  It seems like it’s not really needed now that I’ve got it started.  Start composting!!

ON CLOTH DIAPERS:  We’ve been at it for close to 9 months.  We use disposable when we go out and usually at night, although I’m sort of easing back into cloth at night, I think the leakage problem won’t be as bad now that he’s older and eating more solid foods.  Speaking of that. . not to be gross,  but here’s the thing, with our cloth diapers I either (A) spray the offending matter down the toilet, which now that we are a bit older and our system works better, we do a lot less of that  or (B) shake the offending matter into the toilet.  Either way, the smell is “flushed” away and not sitting in our house, or collecting flies in our garbage.   The longer we use cloth, the more I like them.  After a bit of research I have decided that instead of a cold wash followed by a hot wash I now just do one hot wash.  No stains, no smell, less water usage, done in a shorter amount of time.  AND one more reason I like cloth.  We used disposable on our visit to Idaho.  I discovered right away the disposable diapers are all round more smelly than the cloth ones.  I couldn’t believe how much unpleasant order came with disposable diapers! Things that you don’t think about!  Way to go Bum Genius!

ON THE CHINO HILLS EARTHQUAKE:  We felt it like everyone else in Southern California!!  It was the biggest one I’ve felt in the ten years I’ve lived here.  We were at a play-class (in a “padded” room), so all around, probably the best place to be.   It was scary that is for sure.  What I found comforting about it was the way in an instant L.A. and surrounding areas became a community. . people checking on people, sharing stories for an instant, we all shared a minute in time.  It makes one realize how small the world is, and how much we really are connected.  And, oh yeah, how BIG God is and how small we are. . you really get that driven home when buildings are shaking!  I’m not in a hurry to feel another one (although we are pretty sure we did feel an aftershock this morning!)


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