For the Love of Chicken Shawarma

My mom and aunt introduced me to the most yummy “Take-out” ever.  A middle eastern sandwich called, Chicken Shawarma.  It’s shaved chicken on flat bread with tazikia sauce (a bitter yogurt type sauce that is just yummy!) with onions and cucumbers.  It’s one of those things that makes my mouth water just thinking about.  They have a great place close to them in Boise.  One would think in LA I could find a place as good.  Not in my neighborhood.  So this weekend I set out to make my own.  (it WORKED!!)

 So. . . here you go,  How to make YUMMY Chicken Shawarma

I made a few changes:

* I couldn’t figure out how they were saying to cook the chicken, so I just grilled it.

* I didn’t have cardamom pods, so I used 1 tsp. of ground cardamom, you could probably use more.

* I added chopped cucumber to the sauce. (I also made my sauce a day in advance, I thought we were going to have it on Saturday night, we ended up eating it on Sunday, but the extra day didn’t hurt either the chicken or the sauce, I think the flavors mellowed nicely!)

* I used a thick Greek yogurt for the sauce and marinate.

* I served it with flat bread from Trader Joes, which we toasted (yummy), I also grilled some onion because I like the texture and flavor of grilled onions better than raw.

SOOO good.  It’s worth the planning ahead that this recipe takes.  It was equally as good for lunch today, and I’m sure for dinner tonight too!!! (Todd said he wouldn’t mind eating like that every night. . that’s the seal of approval around our house!)


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