Should I be worried. . .


. . if my one day short of nine-month old is already working on perfecting his skills at working an audience?

Yesterday he started doing this “lizard thing” with is tongue.  He found that by sticking his tongue in and out and in and out and in and out (ETC. ETC)  it feels funny, and makes and even funnier noise.  (Picture a lizard trying to catch a fly. . ) Which, totally cracks him up.  (Really, he does it, then laughs).  What got me worried is when I was trying to put him to bed and he started doing it, and gauging my reaction and modifying his “performance” based on my reaction to get the most laughs from me.  (no joke!) 

Really. . . NINE Months and he is figuring out how to best work the crowd

what delivery gets the most response

 how to charm people with that smile. . . it’s scary.  He SOOO got all this from his daddy!


3 thoughts on “Should I be worried. . .

  1. How funny…what a doll! I love that look when they first realize they can manipulate (not necessarily in a bad way) their environment and the people in it. I still remember when Lydia was 9 months old and figured out the “raspberry.” She would buzz her lips together and make spit go everywhere, but everyone laughed so she just kept doing it. I wouldn’t worry at all. Seems like just a normal part of development. I can’t wait to meet Reid in person!

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