The Fence

Amy’s Note: I find it harder and harder these days to sit down and write on this blog.  It seems directly tied to a certain little boy who is very curious and tyring out his legs on anything that looks like it might hold him (and some things that won’t!).  So be patient and keep checking!

We recently borrowed a “kid fence” from Todd’s parents to keep our little guy captive.  Prior to the fence he was all over the family room and kitchen and required my eyes on him ALL the time.  I honestly wasn’t so sure how this “fence” was going to work, he liked his independence.  I was suprised at how quickly he felt completely comfortable, almost more content once we put up the fence and gave him his toys.  I think it’s a case of boundaries.  He knows exactly what his space is; where it starts, where it ends and what is in it.  He doesn’t seem to miss the “freedom” of the whole kitchen and family room in which to crawl and explore. (He still gets to occassionally. . . ) 

It seems another one of those great “in-your-face-clear-as-day-get-it-while-they-are-young” parenting insights (or maybe just insight for living for all of us. . .) There is comfort and security in knowing what our boundaries are. He can do almost anything he likes in the space that is his, it is safe, he can’t hurt himself, and he has plenty of room to move.  With the fence up he doesn’t have to worry about: should I really be here, how to I find my way in this big space. . . He can be comfortable, safe and secure in what is his. 

Clearly he is going to out grow THIS boundary (probably sooner rather than later), but we’ll keep working to create a safe and challenging space for him as he grows. (literal space and figurative as well!)


One thought on “The Fence


    Oh, you are SO right….once you figure out what the “challenge” is and figure out how to resolve it, you’re off that one and on to the next!

    Did I write what a dolly-pie he is??

    I’ll worry if I read that you’re going to try a dog kennel next……unless I read that it’s YOU who is hiding inside of it!!

    So excited to see you all next week!
    Luvu….Auntie A

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