Living in a “show house”

Monday we put our home on the market to sell.  

All of a sudden we live in a “show house”. . . don’t get me wrong, this is not all a bad thing.  It’s great to wake up in the morning and my kitchen is sparkly and shiny and all the dishes are put away.  And it’s lovely to come home to the living room with the newspaper put away, the toys picked up and the floors all vacummed. HOWEVER, someone has to make sure it is always that way.  (It hit home when before 7 am I was lugging out the vaccum and going over all the floors)  (I do this because it looks nice, and when the home is shown when I’m not here, I can see exactly where everyone walked. . am I a bit obsessive?)

I view this as a great opportunity to turn these actions into habits. (granted, I probably won’t leave the table permently set with placemats and napkins in the glasses when we return to “real life”, but. . . ) The thing that’s so annoying, is it’s really not that hard to keep everything super, cleaned up when I stay on it and pick up everything as I go. . it’s just too bad that it takes the threat of strangers knocking on my door to keep me focuesed enough to do it. . . Thirty days to make a habit. . so let’s see, I’ve only got 27 more days to go. . .


2 thoughts on “Living in a “show house”

  1. Focus….Focus…..Focus….. When you get to Idaho I have a treat from YOUR nana that will probably make you giggle about all this ;o) Keep up the good work….it does look beauuuutiful and will all pay off in the end! Love and hugs, mom and dad

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