A few of my favorite things. . .

just a ramdom collection of some of my favorite things. .

favorite easy dinner. . . .

* This summer we’ve been LOVING hummus, tabouli, with warm pita bread and cut up cucumbers in vinegar.  A really great summer meal that is just yummy, perfect for hot summer evenings.

* We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the frozen, wild salmon, (marinated) from Costco with rice or couscous and a steamed veggie (preferably broccoli fresh from our farmers market).  The salmon is so great, takes about 15 minutes to thaw in water and 15 -22 minutes to cook.  SOOO good!

favorite cleaning supply . . . .

* microfiber rags from the auto-care sections of Target.  I got 12 for six dollars and I love them to clean the counters, dust etc.  I read somewhere that the “boost” natural cleaners.  We’ve 100% replaced chemicals at our home and now use all natural, plant based cleaners.  I think these cleaners work great with or without the microfiber rags, but the rags do get counter tops to sparkle!

favorite homemade foods. . . .

* Healthy Cookies from 101 Cookbooks.  I made these earlier this week. Super yummy!  (Trader Joes sells almond meal)

* Better Than Pinkberry Yogurt– This is AMAZING.  I’ve made it twice, at first I thought I might never eat ice cream again, which is a pretty bold statement for me.   I pretty much believe a day is not really complete without ice cream.  This yogurt is so good. . . when you try it, you really MUST put it in cheese cloth and let it “drain”. . that is what makes a yummy, smooth texture.  You can add vanilla, I have made it with a bit less sugar and no flavor, and it’s soo yummy.  Todd called it “phenomenal”.  I make it in my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream maker attachment. (which is another one of my favorite things!)

favorite pod casts. . . .

I’m a total pod cast girl.  I listen to several pod casts a day (most days) while walking and while cleaning, somtimes in the car.  I have a lot of “go to” pod casts, but these are three of my favorites, the ones that when I see I’ve got a new one, it makes me smile!

* Speaking of Faith: This is a great public radio series.  Krista Tippet has interesting guest, from a variety of different points of view and she’s a great interviewer.  I really enjoy this pod cast. (look through her archives)

* Center for Courage and Renewal:  I first read Parker Palmer in my MA program, “Let your Life Speak”.  I love his writing and his few pod casts are filled with good “nuggets” of wisdom.

* Mosaic: Erwin McManus is the pastor of Mosaic a community of “Faith, Hope and Love” in LA.  I love his messages, he is a great, dynamic communicator.


These are a few of my favorite things. . . .


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